Libby Riddle

Libby Riddle was born and raised in New York, NY until she moved with her mom, dad, older brother Sam, and little sister Dixie Riddle to attend high school in Missoula, Montana. From there she pursued her passion for media arts, theatre, and athletics graduating from Hellgate High with 9 Varsity letters and a thirst for more knowledge in the entertainment arts. Growing up in a family all working in the industry Libby always knew which direction she was headed.

Riddle attended the first years of college at The University of Hawaii-Manoa studying digital media arts. Later, she transferred to the University of Montana to join the cheerleading squad where she shared the court with star point guard (and brother!) of the Grizzly basketball team, Sam Riddle. Go Griz!

An honors graduate, Libby earned multiple degrees including a bachelors degree in journalism, a BFA in broadcast television production and an MFA in digital media arts.

Now living in  Los Angeles and pursuing her career in the entertainment industry, Libby is gradually working her way up the industry ladder. She currently works as a freelance producer and celebrity talent booker on some of the highest rated shows on tv today. Her ultimate goal is to develop an Emmy award winning television show and eventually make a household name for herself as a producer and creative director in the entertainment industry.

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