Libby Riddle

Libby Riddle is producer in the entertainment industry. Based primarily in Los Angeles, CA she used her degrees from The University of Montana and The University of Hawaii to lead the way up the production ladder, learning something new every step of the way. Before story producing, Riddle was fortune enough to work with some of the top talent executives in the business booking celebrities for today's top celebrity based reality shows, events, and award shows. Growing up in a talented and very entertaining family, Riddle was always surrounded by the arts. She's written and produced new concepts and formatted several television reality series and has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best creative teams on America's top rated shows on television today. When Riddle isn't working in the field, in-studio, or in the edit bay, you can find her continuing to create her own projects for which she hopes to be Emmy Award winning material in the near future.

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